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Coryza: how dangerous is it and where it can come from?

Coryza: how dangerous is it and where it can come from? Dr H. Scheele



Rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa

The mucous nasal cavity is the primary barrier against infections; the surface delays the dust and contaminants entering the nose during breathing. In addition, the nasal cavity warms the air to a comfortable temperature. Runny nose and colds often occur during hypothermia, local immunity weakens, and pathogens get the opportunity to multiply and spread further along the nasopharynx and the respiratory tract. Coryza how dangerous is it and where it can come from

Causes and symptoms

Runny nose may occur for various reasons. Most common cause of the common cold is infectious agents – viruses, bacteria. The most common cause is viruses from the group of rhinoviruses, coronaviruses and adenoviruses. Then the disease is classified as infectious rhinitis.

Another cause of inflammation of the nasopharyngeal mucosa is an allergic reaction. Allergens get into the nasal passages in the process of breathing, provoking swelling, mucus secretion, and nasal congestion. In this case, the disease is classified as allergic rhinitis.

Allergic and infectious rhinitis requires different approaches to treatment – to mitigate the negative signs of the disease in both cases use vasoconstrictor, which allows for a short time to ease the breathing of the patient and to moderate the release of mucus. However, infectious rhinitis requires complex therapy with the use of antiseptic drugs, and in the treatment of allergic rhinitis hormonal agents and blockers of histamine receptors are used.

Possible causes of rhinitis

  1. Infectious rhinitis. This kind of coryza is more common and familiar to almost everyone. Infectious rhinitis occurs in an acute form, most often, it is caused by bacteria, viruses, less often – fungi. If the patient has a stable immunity, the infectious rhinitis ends quickly and without complications.
  2. Congenital causes. Anomalies of development in the prenatal period disrupt the normal functioning of the nasal cavity and cause chronic rhinitis. Such reasons include violations of the structure of the facial bones, curvature of the nasal septum, hypertrophy or deformation of the nasal cavity. Most often, there is a one-sided defect, when the deformed nostril does not function, and air freely enters through another cavity.
  3. Runny nose can be a side effect, for example, of drugs for male potency. Levitra or Viagra may be the cause of the appearance even not after an overdose. In this case, the common symptom usually passes along with the action of the tablets.
  4. One of the frequent causes of the appearance in children and adults of a long-standing chronic rhinitis is allergic rhinitis. It appears not only at the time of flowering, but also in winter, when there would seem to be no reason for the appearance of allergies.
  5. Medicinal rhinitis. Runny nose, which appeared due to taking medications, arises for two reasons:
  • rhinitis is a side effect of the drug (e.g., drugs that reduce blood pressure)
  • adenoids.

Take care of your health and do not forget to visit the doctor if your coryza is too severe!

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