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Fighting Insomnia

Fighting Insomnia by Ambien

How to deal with insomnia?

For a normal recovery of the body, it is important that the duration of sleep was sufficient, and not to break during the night. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast with the ideal quality of sleep. Chronic insomnia is a common problem requiring treatment.

How to deal with chronic insomnia?

Treatment of chronic insomnia can be prolonged and includes psychotherapeutic and medicament methods. Psychologists use relaxation techniques, “conversational therapy”, hypnosis, and other ways to eliminate this disorder.

Soporifics purchased in Canadian pharmacy are to be taken by patients on the recommendation of a doctor. If there is a need in them, then drugs usually are to be appointed at an average level of strength. In some cases, a good effect is given to the use of herbal sedatives (valerian, motherwort, mint, passionflower, lemon balm), which do not have a hypnotic effect but have a sedative effect. Homeopathy and folk remedies have also proven themselves in the treatment of insomnia, even an ordinary valerian.

Fighting insomnia at home

The fight against insomnia consists, first of all, in observing the hygiene of sleep. To improve your condition, you need:

  • to develop a cycle of sleep (to go to bed and wake up at the same time),
  • do not sleep during the day if it worsens the night’s sleep,
  • to create suitable conditions for recreation (comfortable bed, fresh air in the room).

Before going to bed, a warm bath with aroma oils, relaxing massage will help you. It is unacceptable to overeating, drinking coffee, tea, and chocolate in the afternoon. Treatment of insomnia at home, if possible, should include walking before going to bed, excluding physical and mental loads one hour before bedtime. Moderate physical activity is indicated 3-4 hours before the expected “rebound”. If you went to bed, but you can’t fall asleep, do not suffer and do not think about it. Read a book until you feel sleepy.

Fighting insomnia in the elderly

The struggle with senile insomnia in the elderly has particularities. For the nervous system of an elderly person, a clear sleep regime is important – you need to lie down and wake up at the same time. If you can’t sleep at night, do not go to bed after dinner. Elderly people are advised to spend more time outdoors during the day so that the retina of the eyes receives more light stimulation. Darkness will facilitate fast falling asleep and quality sleep.

The use of powerful sleeping pills, such as Ambien, Imovane and others, in elderly people, leads to undesirable consequences. Reception of melatonin is not accompanied by such phenomena; the drug promotes fast falling asleep and a good sleep. Therefore, at the efficiency of the given means, it can be accepted even without the preliminary consultation of the expert.

Always take sleeping pills with caution and in the right dosage to avoid bad consequences.

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