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Flu Virus

Flu Virus and Antibiotics The first signs of influenza as a potentially dangerous viral infection are typical. Influenza refers to airborne infections; its viruses are introduced into the body through the upper respiratory tract. As a result, a slight pain in the throat begins; there may be a feeling of sand in the eyes.

Rest – the best medicine and help with the flu

The best prescription for first aid for a cold is to go to bed and do nothing, instead of swallowing tons of tablets at once bought in Canadian pharmacy. At least, it is necessary to reduce unwilling activity. Certainly not worth going to the office – there will always be a lot of work. You did not leave your body, and if something breaks, no warranty repair is provided. Relaxation to a weakened organism is necessary in order for the immune system, which is struggling with the infectious body, to have additional resources. So do not waste precious energy.

Remedies for the flu and cold

  • Mix in equal proportions (for example, 5 ml) freshly squeezed carrot juice and vegetable oil, add a few drops of garlic juice and put in the nose 4-6 drops 3-5 times a day,
  • rinse the nasal cavity with the juice of boiled beet or its decoction in the rhinitis with thick secretions,
  • it’s a good cure for a runny nose: the juice obtained from raw beets. It is believed that it is better to use fermented juice. Put it in the nose: 2-3 drops a few times a day.

A good remedy for the common cold is also a 30% solution of honey in the juice of red beets. Use 5-6 drops in each nostril 4-5 times a day. It is very effective in treating catarrhal children in children caused by adenoids. Juice can be obtained from raw, boiled or baked beets. To do this, it is passed through a juicer or rubbed on a fine grater and squeezed through folded gauze in several rows. Cooked beetroot can be passed through a meat grinder; the resulting mass is diluted with water 1:1 and squeezed through gauze.

Onions with honey help with a cold. Take 3 tablespoons. Finely chop onions, pour 50 ml of warm boiled water, add 1 tsp. of honey, stir until dissolved, infuse 30-40 minutes, strain and use to rinse the nasal cavity or put in the nose 4-5 times a day for 4-6 drops in each nostril in a cold state. The same solution can be used as eye drops with conjunctivitis (inflammation of the connective membrane of the eye).

Bath prevents colds. If you feel frozen or feel that you are ill, it is good to take a bath with a temperature of 38-43 °C. A bath with mint is a nice thing. Take 350-400 g of dry crushed leaves of peppermint, pour with a bucket of steep boiling water, wait 20-30 minutes and pour into the tub. Take a bath not longer than 10-15 minutes. However, hot baths should not be used often, as they can lead to skin over-drying, widening of capillaries and a decrease in the tone of both skin and muscles.

The palm of the left hand is to be put on the nose and forehead, and the palm of the right hand – on the solar plexus. After about 15 minutes, your rinse will pass.

Prevention and help with influenza

  • Fill the mug (300 g): 1/3 of hot tea, 1/3 of red wine, 1/3 of raspberry (raspberry jam). Drink while it’s hot, and go to bed,
  • peel a small onion, grate it, lay it on the bandage layer. This compress is to be put on the wings of the nose for 10 min. Repeat the procedure three times a day. Wings of the nose must first be lubricated with vegetable oil,
  • chew propolis (5 g for the night, for the cheek),
  • drink hot tea with honey and three slices of lemon,
  • rinse mouth and throat with water and honey solution: 1 tsp. for a glass of boiling water. It relieves inflammation of the tonsils, and also whitens teeth,
  • make a rinse from the eucalyptus: 1 tsp. to 0.5 liters of water, boil, wait 20-30 minutes.

All these remedies can be freely purchased at the our pharmacy, such as Metronidazole.

The conclusion is simple: the first signs of the flu or other viral infection put you into an unscheduled vacation for 5-7 days, during which the necessary assistance is provided. Then complications of influenza will have for you only theoretical value.

Flu Virus Dr H. Scheele
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