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For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only Of all the senses, the most exposed are the eyes. Therefore, they must be treated with particular care. Specialists of medical centers advise observing certain preventive measures, which allow them to protect the organs of vision and prevent their diseases if you don’t want to buy medications in the future, such as Prednisone.

Consider the basic measures of prevention and care for your eyes

First, during prolonged reading, care should be taken to ensure that the view is not directed downward since in this position the carotid arteries are compressed. As a result, oxygen can stop coming to the organs of vision.

Secondly, it is necessary to change periodically the direction of vision during the reading: change the angle and distance to the book. This will change the tension in the eye muscles, the functionality of which depends on vision.

Thirdly, experts of ophthalmological clinics state: you can’t read lying before going to bed. Reading activates processes in the organs of vision, while immersion in sleep inhibits many processes in the body, including visual processes. However, for visual processes, this may turn out to be too rapid inhibition (similar to when a person running at high speed stops abruptly), which can lead to negative processes.

Fourthly, it is necessary to increase the resistance of the eyes to the negative effects of light (for example, the light of automobile headlights, the flickering of the screen, sunlight, etc.). In order to carry out such training, it is necessary to close your eyes and perform movements that allow you to turn one by one, then into the shadow, then into the light.

Fifthly, it is necessary to perform other useful exercises for the eyes and the muscles surrounding them. Exercise number 1 allows you to saturate the organs of vision with oxygen and nutrients, as this increases the blood flow in the eye area. To do this, you need to make a series of simple movements – take a deep breath and exhale through the compressed lips, giving the body a little forward. Exercise No. 2 can improve blood flow and relax the eye muscles. To do this, it is necessary to fold the fingers of the hands with a visor and bring them to the middle of the forehead opposite to the eyes, stay in that position for ten seconds, and repeat it several times.

In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the body receives all the necessary substances from food. If necessary, you can add vitamin-mineral supplements. The doctors of the medical centers have identified the most useful substances for sight, among which one can distinguish such products of vegetable origin as a decoction of nettle, infusions, and decoctions of bilberry leaves, as well as berries, nuts containing vitamin E. It is also necessary to protect the eyes from mechanical factors such as dust, dirt, wind, low or high temperature. Periodically, you should do eye cleaning. For example, immersing a face with the eyes open in a container of clean water. Also, vision affects the way of life (bad habits, sufficient and regular sleep, proper nutrition, etc.).

Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that in carrying out certain exercises, vision can be improved. However, it should be remembered that regular checks in specialized ophthalmological clinics are also extremely necessary.

Visits to the pharmacy

Do not forget that you can help your health with Prednisone pills. It’s not just about expensive dangerous drugs, but about vitamins, for example, with bilberry extract or carrots. They help to keep the vision sharp and nourish the body with useful substances.

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