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How can you be sure to choose good bodybuilding supplements?

How can you be sure to choose good bodybuilding supplements? So, you decided to start taking sports supplements. However, you do not know what to choose specifically in the sports nutrition store. The choice of sports nutrition is carried out on the basis of the goals that you set yourself by coming to the gym. If your goal is to build muscle mass, become bigger and stronger, then you need to purchase the following sports supplements: whey protein, vitamin complex, BCAA.

Whey Protein

Whey protein (or whey protein isolate). Since the muscles need protein for growth, it means we will give them more protein. It is necessary to take it between meals and it is advisable to drink it immediately after training as described in the instructions (dosages and frequency of receptions for each protein vary, so you need to read each package). On the shelf of the store, the protein looks like a large plastic can with a label, or a bag, where, as a rule, the word “PROTEIN” is written in large letters.

Vitamin Complex

If vitamins are necessary for any person, then a bodybuilder needs them twice as much. Picturing how a particular vitamin affects the life of a person makes no sense, as it is clear that they are necessary. They should be taken with food, or immediately after meals. It is desirable to take 1-2 capsules in the morning with breakfast or immediately after it (the number of capsules taken is indicated in the instructions). Vitamin complex can be purchased both in the sports nutrition stores and in a regular pharmacy.


BCAA (amino acids with branched side chains). Protein is ingested in the stomach. During the assimilation, it breaks up into 20 amino acids, which enter the blood. Of these 20 amino acids, there are 3 amino acids that directly carry out the “construction” of muscle fibers. These are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAA is the 3 amino acids, with the consumption of which we would like to increase growth of muscle mass. Take them before and after training: before training (30-40 minutes, on an empty stomach) – to create a reserve of the BCAA in the muscles, after training (immediately after it) – to eliminate the losses of the BCAA in the muscles.

If you have a lean physique and your goal is to gain a little weight and build muscle mass, then you need to purchase the following sports supplements: gainer, vitamin complex, BCAA.

Some of the sportsmen actively use Meridia drug to make the weight loss, but it is not the better solution as it has a list of contraindications.


Gainer (carbohydrate-protein mixture). It is a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates. Has a very high-calorie content, which is good for thin guys and bad for fat. A large number of calories obtained due to the addition of many carbohydrates (mainly sugar) to the protein, promotes the deposition of fat in the fatty layer of the body. It is useful for too thin guys. If a person has a tendency to fullness, then the gainer is contraindicated. It should be taken between meals, and preferably immediately after exercise. The way of preparation is the same as for the protein.


L-Carnitine (Levocarnitine) is an amino acid that is formed from two amino acids (methionine and lysine) that are contained in the protein. A useful property of L-Carnitine is that during exercise, it promotes body to starts using its own subcutaneous fat as energy, which naturally leads to its decrease in the future. L-Carnitine is to be taken before training (for 30-40 minutes).

There are many other additives that are also useful but this should come with experience. Starting the reception of sports supplements is necessary with the basic set described above.

The main thing to remember is that the additive is just an additive; it can never replace the usual food.

How can you be sure to choose good bodybuilding supplements? Dr H. Scheele
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