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Herbs for sexual disorder in women

Herbs for sexual disorder in women There are wonderful herbs for women’s health, which heal the female body on a physical and energetic level. With the help of these herbs, you can restore women’s health, the reproductive system and even conceive and give birth to a healthy long-awaited child. They can be consumed not only as tea. You can also fill a small pillow and sleep with them so that they worked all night with your energetic field. With herbs, you won’t longer need to be treated with female Levitra or female Kamagra.

Uterine clove

In another way, it is called a carnation field. Carnation field is an active uterine agent that does not have any side effects. It is able to stimulate and increase the tone of the smooth muscles of the uterus. The uterus is the center of female power, and it is very important for us to take care of its health!

Bovine uterus

The bovine uterus has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antitumor, resorption, analgesic, and diuretic action, promotes the maintenance of immunity. Preparations from the bovine uterus can increase the functional activity of the uterus and appendages, and improve the performance of the reproductive system as a whole. Our beauty and youth depends from the reproductive system.

Red brush

This plant is a unique natural hormone that eliminates abnormalities in the work of the endocrine glands. The role of the plant in gynecological diseases is invaluable: it allows reducing the size significantly or completely getting rid of fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, tumors, and other hormonal disorders.


Shatavari is a plant widely used in oriental medicine, particularly in Ayurveda for the treatment and harmonization of many conditions.

The plant was named Shatavari thanks to an amazing effect on the female sexual sphere. From Sanskrit, it translates as “having a hundred husbands.” Shatavari is a rejuvenating herb for women, which gives strength to the reproductive organs, normalizes the function of the hormonal and immune systems of the body.

Shatavari balances the female hormonal system, accelerating the transition at the liver level of estradiol to estriol, and stimulates the synthesis of progesterone. Used to treat impotence and as an aphrodisiac.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm is used in folk medicine for women’s diseases: in remedies for menstrual disorders.


Chamomile is an effective anti-inflammatory drug. Medicinal chamomile is used for diseases of the digestive tract, kidneys, liver, bladder, with a cold; the chamomile is good if a delay of menstruation, with various allergies.


Mint harmonizes female and male sexual energy; helps to sublimate and move to a higher level. It gives peace and lightness, which are very important for women. Mint is able to relieve inflammation.

Use these herbs, and they will endow you with beauty, youth, good female health! The advantage is that the herbs do not give side effects; they are not as expensive as the hormonal drugs in pharmacies and allow you to use the power of nature to maintain women’s health.

Herbs for sexual disorder in women Dr H. Scheele
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