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Impotence effects on the partner

Impotence effects on the partner Impotence is a problem for two. How many couples suffer from it, and sometimes even divorce! But not everything is so hopeless. Modern medicine finds solutions even in the most difficult cases.

The offensive term “impotence” in 1998 was replaced by the scientific name of the disease – erectile dysfunction. However, this has not changed the essence. What is erectile dysfunction? The disease consists in the inability of a man to achieve and maintain the erection necessary to perform sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction can be provoked by a variety of causes. Often impotence is a symptom of diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular damage. This applies to almost 80% of men who regularly experience erectile dysfunction. At 30%, there are hormonal disorders.

Among the causes of impotence, the most common is a vascular pathology, which means either a weak blood flow to the penis or stagnation of blood. In the first case, an erection is achieved with great difficulty, and its quality leaves much to be desired. In the second case, the erection, on the contrary, is achieved quickly, but also passes as quickly, so that sometimes the man does not have time to get down to business.

For representatives of the stronger sex, seeking to establish all possible records in sex, it is worth remembering that one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction are too zealous, many-hours sexual acts when a man tries to delay ejaculation as long as possible with all his might.

Impotence is a consequence of a number of diseases:

  • endarteritis,
  • atherosclerosis of large arteries,
  • varicose veins,
  • traumas of the penis and nearby tissues.

It is known that certain drugs can cause erectile dysfunction. Such side effects have antihistamines and antihypertensive drugs. You should not take these remedies for more than five days. You need to be especially cautious: taking nitroglycerin with Viagra or Kamagra is threatened with irreversible consequences.

Impotence is only the absence of an erection, an inability to intercourse. Impotence is a harbinger of coronary heart disease.

For solving their intimate problems, men often go to friends who have similar experiences, pharmacists or venereologists. However, it is necessary to address to the urologist-andrologist.

Most of the problems associated with the deterioration or lack of erection are solved with the help of adequate therapy. Reasonable use of drugs and modern technologies helps many patients restore sexual activity without side effects and with minimal risk.

However, it is worthwhile to reassure both men and women – 70% of failures in sex are not related to physiology. Their reasons are purely psychological. This kind of erectile dysfunction is called psychogenic impotence or pseudo-impotence. With it, the morning erection persists and there are no problems with masturbation.

Representatives of the stronger sex often react very painfully to the slightest setbacks in sex. Sometimes, for the development of psychogenic impotence, one not delayed remark of a partner is enough. In this case, the doctor prescribes psychotherapy in combination with modern drugs. More effective psychogenic therapy is applied if a doctor works with both partners.

Take care of your health and happiness in advance. Doing sports, limiting alcohol consumption, canned foods, fried, flour, salted and sweet, regular sex life with a constant loving and beloved partner, without sexual excesses and prolonged abstinence and a healthy lifestyle in general – these are the best prevention of erectile dysfunction.

Impotence effects on the partner Dr H. Scheele
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