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Learn how to determine an established pill

Learn how to determine an established pill“Signs” of counterfeit medicines are insignificant at first glance: the broken integrity of packaging, differences in the font, spelling errors in the instructions – all this can detect falsifications. In order not to buy a fake, you need to inspect your purchase carefully. Without departing from the medical office, examine the packaging of the drug, evaluate its quality, font, check for spelling errors. If you think that the usual packaging looks like something wrong, ask the pharmacy for documents confirming the quality of the drug. Viagra is one of the most counterfeited drugs – so be careful purchasing it.

Here are the main signs that should cause you suspicion of a counterfeit drug:

  • low in comparison to average prices in or the city (district) price of the medicine,
  • packed medicines should be in quality cardboard, and the colors must be saturated, bright,
  • all the inscriptions and a barcode should be clearly written and well readable,
  • the instruction should be printed, not copied.

In real medicines, the instruction is put in such a way that it is divided with a vial or a plate of the drug in half.

Check the series, date of issue, expiration date, on a carton and on a vial or blister with tablets – everything should match.

Employees of the pharmacy are required to provide an invoice and a declaration.

To dispel doubts about the authenticity of the drug, you can contact the manufacturer directly. You will find the address and a phone number either on the product packaging or on the instructions for use.

In the territorial centers for quality control, you are obliged to help check the drug if necessary. To do this, there are test laboratories, which are designed to control the quality of drugs.


  • never buy drugs not in a pharmacy,
  • do not buy drugs that are not prescribed to you by a doctor whom you trust.

Buy medicines in those pharmacies where you always buy them. You have the right to ask the employee of the pharmacy to produce a certificate of compliance, which indicates the trade and international name of the drug, the company and the producer country, contains other information, in particular, that the party to which the drug belongs has undergone appropriate control.

The manufacturer tries to put distinctive features on the packaging (hologram, labels of tablets and others) that complicate or exclude the possibility of forgery.

Falsifiers know that people do not always carefully study the packaging, and sometimes do not attach importance to accurate execution. When buying a medicine, do not be too lazy, if necessary, put on glasses (still it’s about your health) and make sure that the name of the drug and the active substance exactly match the medicine prescribed by a doctor. The labeling of the preparation should include the necessary information.

Sometimes falsification can be recognized with the quality of polygraphy: typos and spelling mistakes simply can’t be in the real description, the text should be well visible, without spots and blurriness. Pay attention also to the quality of paper and cardboard.

The appearance of the product. In the annotation, one always writes what a particular preparation is: form, color, size. The description must necessarily coincide with what you see in reality.

Buying tablets, solutions and even vitamins in questionable institutions (stalls, pharmacy kiosks in the metro, transitions and online services), you initially risk your health. Acquire medications only in the large well-known pharmacies.

Learn how to determine an established pill Dr H. Scheele
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