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Medication for ringworm treatment

Medication for ringworm treatment Ringworm or microsporidia is a skin disease caused by a fungus of the genus Microsporum. It strikes hair, skin, occasionally nails and eyelashes. The fungi that cause the disease are called dermatophytes (who love the skin).

Most often, the lichen is located on the scalp under the hair. Rounded foci are formed, where all the hair breaks off at a height of 5-8 mm above the skin level. They are quite large, the size of the palm.

On the body, ringworm has the appearance of oval reddish spots surrounded by a raised roller. In the middle, you can notice skin peeling. Sometimes patients feel itching in the place of injury.

How does ringworm pass?

A sign of the stagnation of the disease is the purification or depriving of vesicles and crusts. If the treatment is selected correctly (it may include Accutane, a special form of vitamin A that contributes to good look of a skin), the fringe at the edges of the site becomes lighter. It gets rid of pimples, nodules and looks smooth. The surface of the outer rim is leveled with the level of the surrounding skin. At first, the color of the skin on this spot is gently pink. But over time, the amount of pigment melanin is restored and the skin acquires a normal shade.

Ringworm requires treatment in a dermatologist or infectious disease specialist. When trying to get rid of it by yourself, the disease can go into a chronic form. Then deprive will periodically make itself felt, hitting new skin areas. However, there are cases when the disease passes by itself.

In order to appoint the right treatment, the doctor should clarify the diagnosis. After all, different types of lichen are treated in their own way. Therefore, the doctor examines the defeat with a special lamp.

In the case of finding on the body only one focus of the disease and while the person feels normal, a local treatment will be enough. With this form of the disease, iodine and antifungal ointments are prescribed.

Ointments are referred to an external treatment for ringworm. From creams and gels, they differ with more dense consistency. Ointments stay on the skin for a long time and penetrate deeply into it. Therefore, they have a stronger effect than other remedies.

Ointments are often combined with tincture of iodine. It dries the lichen, kills fungi and bacteria that can cause suppuration. In the morning, lichen is smeared with iodine, and in the evening ointment is applied to its surface:

  • sulfuric ointment 10-20%,
  • salicylic ointment,
  • sulfur-tar ointment,
  • Lamisil,
  • Mycospores.

If there is a need to cleanse the skin before applying the ointment, it is better to do this not with water, but with disinfectant solutions: Furacilin, Rivanol, potassium permanganate, which can be easily bought at the online pharmacy.

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