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Men and shopping

Men and shopping Remember how long ago you and your loved ones had an argument? And how often do you quarrel at all? And what are the reasons for your quarrels? Do you know that most couples quarrel for the reason that women are pulling men out shopping, and men are physically uncomfortable with this occupation, and they bluntly state this to their women?

The main reason for the disorder is the ultimate goal of going to the store for men and women. Women go to the store to look after something, and men prefer to know exactly what they will buy and then go to their destination.

How men go shopping?

They always take very little time for this, because they know for certain what kind of thing they are going to a store for. A man goes purposefully to a certain department of a store and chooses the thing he aimed at. The option, in which a man can go for a drill, and turn into a jewelry and buy a ring for his wife, is almost impossible to imagine. Yes, men can stare at something interesting (like Levitra or Viagra if they experience problems with erection – and they will likely to buy it that to refuse if they spot it on sale during shopping), but this does not mean that they will stand for hours at the window. They will only note for themselves what they will come for next time.

How women go shopping?

No woman will tell you exactly what she is going to the store for. As a rule, she goes to buy one basic thing and something in the kit to it. Sometimes this something may cost much more than the main thing that you have planned. She can freely not buy the thing that she went for, but get a bunch of unnecessary junk that will be gathering dust in the closet. Remember that feeling when you take out the bags at home with the things you bought and think what you have taken them for.

How to go shopping together?

If you come to choose something, you can take your husband. Suggest him to choose you jeans, specify the size and the exact color, and let him try to find something.

You should go not only to where you are interested but also to those departments that will arouse the interest of your man. It will be pleasant and interesting for him and will have an incentive to go shopping with you again.

Do not shop as long as you could. Have a pity to your man and complete the process until the moment your husband starts to burn up.

This will help to avoid unnecessary stress and mood swings, keep your relationship warm and trustworthy. Stress is a huge problem that can provoke the development of many diseases that are not to be so easily cured even with the help of drugs from the pharmacy. Take care of each other’s nerves and the health of your man, because he is not so powerful and impenetrable as it seems.

Men and shopping Dr H. Scheele
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