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Methods to bear in mind prescription labels

Statistics show that in 25% of cases, medication prescribed by doctors is either ineffective or poorly tolerated. Therefore, follow the recommendations of a doctor whom you trust. If there is no possibility to consult with the attending physician, contact the free telephone consultative service.

mind prescription labels What are generics? These are substitute drugs with the same basic active ingredient. Auxiliary substances can be another, as well as preparing technology, producer country and, of course, price. Moreover, the assertion that expensive (and often aggressively advertised) medicine has the best quality and better manufacturing technology is almost never justified. The effect of the drug on a person is very individual, selective. If there is no expected effect from the drug – try its substitutes (generics). But whichever substitute you have chosen, stick to the prescribed dose of the basic substance.

Ask if the chosen medicine (Xanax and Tramadol, for instance) is compatible with what you are already taking. Here you should pay attention to three important points. The first and main point is to know the main active substance of the medicine in order to avoid duplication.

For example, the composition of anti-influenza and analgesics often contains caffeine, and it is incompatible with drugs to improve memory, cerebral circulation. Or, for example, you are an avid smoker and you have noticed some problems with the heart, blood vessels, “jumps” of the pressure, and you are trying to abandon the addiction. So, you have decided to try the advertised medicinal chewing gums that would replace you nicotine. Do not do this: they are contraindicated in cardiovascular disorders.

The third point is not to take medicine of the same type. For example, if you are already taking a sedative or a pressure-lowering medicine, do not add sleeping pills to it – you may need to call an ambulance after such. It is very common when while buying medicines, it is advised to drink multivitamins in parallel. Vitamins are the same medicine as any other. It is a synthetic chemical product that must be strictly dosed, it can cause side effects. It will have to be partially removed from the body, like a foreign one. And if, for example, the gastrointestinal tract is treated, then the body experiences a deficiency of vitamins of group B, rather than multivitamins of any composition. Considering the increase in the number of people with weakened immunity (as a consequence of the deteriorating ecology), one must be prepared for the appearance of allergic reactions of the body when using medicines. It concerns even those drugs that did not previously cause allergies. Preference when buying should be given to the drugs with the inscription “Hypoallergenic”.

Also pay attention to the expiration date, the tightness of the package and the requirements for storage of the medicine. Buying, for example, tablets that the pharmacy worker takes from the storefront or from the shelf, and not from the refrigerator (if they must be kept there), is equal to simply throwing your money away – because the activity of bacteria in case of improper storage will be clearly reduced, if not lost. When buying medicine for the elderly, choose a sparing dosage, because the body at this age becomes more vulnerable to foreign interference. Be attentive to your health!

Methods to bear in mind prescription labels Dr H. Scheele
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