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Know the signs and symptoms of depression

Signs and symptoms of depression Depression often develops slowly and imperceptibly. At the initial stage, most people are unaware of their illness, attributing many of the symptoms of depression to the characteristics of their personality. Experiencing internal discomfort, which is sometimes difficult to describe in words, people tend not to rush for professional help. Appeal to the doctor usually occurs at a time when the disease is already holding the patient tight, bringing with them unbearable suffering.

Risk factors for depression:

  • belonging to the female sex,
  • the presence of depression in the family history,
  • an early history of depression,
  • early loss of parents,
  • experience of past experiences of violence,
  • personality traits,
  • stressors (parting, guilt),
  • alcohol / drug addiction,
  • neurological diseases (Parkinson’s disease, apoplexy).

Signs of depression

The first signs of depression are apathy, independent of circumstances, indifference to everything that is happening, the weakening of motor activity – the main clinical symptoms of depression. If their combination is observed more than two weeks – the urgent help of the expert is necessary.

Mental symptoms:

  • depression of mood, joylessness,
  • loss of interests, reduced motivation, loss of energy,
  • insecurity, guilt, inner emptiness,
  • decrease in the speed of thinking, inability to make decisions,
  • anxiety, fear, and pessimism about the future,
  • day mood fluctuations,
  • suicidal thoughts.

Somatic symptoms:

  • vital disorders,
  • sleep disturbances (early awakening),
  • appetite disorder,
  • constipation,
  • feelings of compression of the skull, dizziness, a sense of compression,
  • vegetative symptoms.

Causes of depression

There are three types of personality, especially those predisposed to the development of depression:

  • “statotimical personality” which are characterized by exaggerated conscience, diligence, accuracy,
  • a melancholic type of personality with a desire for order, constancy, pedantry, an overstated demand for oneself,
  • the personality of a hypertensive type that is characterized by insecurity toward oneself, and an obviously understated self-esteem.

It can be treated with the drugs that you can buy in the online pharmacy, various antidepressants such as Valium etc.

For such people are typical:

  • self-doubt, self-reliance,
  • excessive closeness and isolation,
  • a pronounced self-critical attitude towards oneself,
  • the expectation of support from the close environment,
  • developed pessimism,
  • inability to withstand stressful situations,
  • emotional expressiveness.

Biological factor:

  • presence of adverse heredity,
  • somatic and neurological injuries of the head, violating the brain,
  • changes in the hormonal system,
  • side effects of some medicines.

Heredity and familial burden of depression play an important role in predisposition to this disease. It is noted that the relatives of patients with depression quite often reveal various psychosomatic disorders.

Depression is most likely to affect individuals who are in a state of chronic stress. If at this time, there is some acute stressful situation, then the probability of manifestation of symptoms of depression increases.

Know the signs and symptoms of depression Dr H. Scheele
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